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Old Golf Balls


As a valued member of our community, you will receive exclusive access to benefits developed just for you, the physician golfer.

Old Golf Clubs


Get ready to ignite your competitive spirit because the PSAGA Healing Greens Amateur Tour is about to kick off in full throttle! Brace yourselves for an exhilarating ride starting in the second quarter of 2024 with qualifying events. We're not wasting any time, as the ultimate invitational to this epic event has already been set for January 2025!



"Golf & Medicine Digest: The Perfect Swing of Medicine and Golf," the premier magazine for physician golfers, is set to launch later in 2024. This exclusive PSAGA publication seamlessly integrates the excitement of golf with the relevance of the medical profession. Each issue offers engaging golf content with in-depth articles on the latest golfing trends, game improvement tips, reviews of cutting-edge equipment, and much more, alongside a curated selection of professional medical articles that balance golf passion with healthcare commitment. The Digest will also cover the PSAGA Healing Greens Amateur Tour, offering behind-the-scenes insights, thrilling moments, and detailed recaps. The Digest is a hub for celebrating member achievements, sharing personal golfing experiences, professional backgrounds, and those cherished moments of hole-in-one triumphs or medical breakthroughs through member profiles. The magazine goes a step further by showcasing the best golfers in various medical specialties and the top physician golfers nationwide, highlighting their achievements and contributions to the sport. Golf & Medicine Digest is more than just a magazine; it's a celebration of the unique intersection of professional and golf passions, making it the go-to source for physician golfers.




Step into the vibrant world of PSAGA on our website's Heroes Section! Meet our members, and dive deep into the heart of the action with our interactive stats and ranking system. Whether you're a die-hard player or fan of the healing Greens PSAGA Tour or a connoisseur of the ultimate challenge - the prestigious PSAGA Masters Invitational- we've got you covered! You'll find updated stats, intriguing data points, and exciting leaderboards all right here. Best of all, you could feature right alongside these champions! That's right; Become a Founding member of the PSAGA and receive lifelong distinction and exclusive recognition in our Heroes Section.


PSAGA is the premier member organization of golf enthusiasts who are also accomplished medical professionals. Our unique platform allows members to connect, unwind, earn CME, and compete for top golfing honors in their specialties and nationwide.


No pro skills are required, just a passion for the game! Players of all levels get to compete against others with similar skill levels, making it an inclusive and exciting experience for all. Everyone is welcome to join the fun. And dues are free!


Our twofold aim is to promote both well-being and professional growth among physicians through the medium of golf. By hosting a series of qualifying events, we identify the premier physician golfers within specific medical specialties and the broader physician community nationwide. These elite players are invited to participate in our pinnacle event, the PSAGA Masters Championship tournament.


With seamless integration of Continuing Medical Education, members enhance their medical knowledge while indulging their passion for golf, all without compromising professional commitments.


We welcome physicians of all golfing levels, fostering an inclusive and exciting community.

Thanks to all of our members, with special recognition to our Founding Members

Arvind Cavale, MD

Mohit K. Chawla, MD

Michael J. Curran, MD

Anthony Luzzi, DPM

Christopher Kane, MD

Ramsay Kuo, MD

Joshua Lambert, MD

Michael Lee, MD

Kit Lu, MD

Adam Magnus, MD

Elizabeth Mobley, MD

Chris Monnikendam MD

Troy Moritz, DO

Ronald A Morton, Jr., MD

Sandra Stratford, MD, MSc

Nissrine Nakib, MD

Yatin Patil, MD, FACP

Ronjeet Reddy, MD

Richard Rink, MD

Rolando Rivera, MD

Jay Rudd, MD

Douglas Senderoff MD

Jacqueline Weisbein, DO

Matthew Whang, MD, MBA

Argil Wheelock,MD

Latresia Wilson,MD, PhD, MBA, FACEP

David Wooding, MD

James J Yue, MD

Connect. Unwind. Learn. Compete.

It's for you.



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