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A letter from our



Wendy J. Weiser


In a profession as demanding as medicine, finding the time and space to pursue personal passions can be challenging. Having worked with physicians and surgeons throughout my career, I've witnessed their inherent competitive drive, their relentless pursuit of excellence, and their longing for an outlet beyond the confines of the operating room or clinic. That's what inspired me to establish the Physicians & Surgeons Amateur Golf Association (PSAGA). 


Despite the rigorous demands of their profession, an estimated 40,000 physicians record their rounds in the US Golf Association database, a figure representing just a fraction of an even larger cohort.


PSAGA is a platform for medical professionals to compete under real tournament rules but also acknowledges them as accomplished golfers amongst their peers and in their own right.

PSAGA is an answer to the increasing professional pressures faced by doctors. With alarmingly high rates of burnout among physicians, the need for an escape, a means of catharsis, has never been greater. At PSAGA, our members are provided with an avenue to detach from their professional roles and rekindle their personal passions.  At the same time, it is understood, all too well, the time constraints that physicians and surgeons face in their demanding roles. Often, striking a balance between professional commitments and personal pursuits can seem like an uphill battle. At PSAGA, we recognize this challenge and have crafted an approach that respects our members’ time and caters to their dual aspirations.

Beyond the thrill and camaraderie of the golf course, PSAGA serves as a conduit for continued professional advancement. That's why we've seamlessly integrated CME opportunities into our offering. From the latest medical advancements to emerging research and practices, our educational materials are designed to keep members at the forefront of their profession, even as you indulge your passion for golf.

I started PSAGA with the intention of creating a unique platform that caters to the distinct needs of physician and surgeon golfers - a place where they can unwind, connect, learn, and compete. It's a community that applauds not only their medical expertise but their prowess on the green. PSAGA recognizes and celebrates our members' dual identities - as esteemed medical professionals and passionate golfers.

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